Our Comapany Safety Policy...

Health,Safety & Enviromental for Project & Transportation.

AStrans HeavyLift & Logistics Sdn Bhd provides for the safe and secure shipment of its products to its customers. For truck shipments, the confirmation of security plans, DOT Safety rating and adequate insurance is completed before AStrans HeavyLift & Logistics Sdn Bhd loads t oany AStrans Heavylift & Logistics Sdn Bhd selected carrier, and driver's licenses are checked for proper identity and qualifications for all hazardous shipments whether AStrans Heavylift & Logistics Sdn Bhd or the customer selects the motor carier. Rail shipments originate on Major Class 1 railroads that have firm security and safety practices in place. AStrans Heavylift & Logistics Sdn Bhd also tracks all transportation incidents,including non-accidental releases,and takes appropriate corrective action. AStrans HeavyLift & Logistics Sdn Bhd also audits rail-to-truck trans-loading sites inclusive the crane, equipment and tools to provide for their safety and security.

AStrans Heavylift & Logistics Sdn Bhd commitment to public safety permeates virtually everyting we do as company - starting with the design of project procedures and continuing through operational and transportation - related procedures. Our record or protecting the public is bolstered by our strong ties to the communities in which we operate and an active, transparent communication effort that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Within our facilities, we work to continuously improve the design of processes that ensure their safety, and we create additional layers of safeguards in processes thet pose greater hazards.While building process safety into the design of chemical processes is at the heart of our safety systems, emergency preparedness is the soul of our safety commitment.



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