Our Achievements...

AStrans HeavyLift & Logistics Sdn Bhd have the honour of loading of 2 helicopter with all the general necessities for the Earth Quake in October 2006 to Pakistan for the Relief program.

We also have assisted Kith Marine Sdn Bhd in their project of "SMIT Borneo” of ASBESTOS REMOVAL & UPGRADING WORKS which we contributed own valuable, time and tremendous effort to ensure the timely re-delivery schedule as per contract date.

AStrans Heavylift & Logistics Sdn Bhd have done the factory Relocation of (Allied Precision Sdn Bhd at Johor Bahru) Singapore based company known as "Allied Technologies Limited" with complete success within 14 days by shifting the entire company and commissioning to the running conditions and these would be a track reward and a honorable event for AStrans Heavylift & Logistics Sdn Bhd.




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